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The RA Group specializes in clinical research monitoring, seamlessly blending consultancy with hands-on implementation to ensure trial success. We elevate quality, empower your research journey, and get clinical trials on the right track.

With knowledge and experience, we stand as candid, specialized mentors. We provide our partners with the guiding touch they need, acting as their compass towards assured success.


The RA Group

Mission & Vision

mission and vision

The RA Group is a dedicated team passionate about making a difference that specializes in offering top-notch consulting and implementation to clinical organizations. Through the team’s wealth of experience, we’re not just consultants; we’re partners, working hand-in-hand to enhance quality, bridge gaps, and ensure the success of clinical trial execution.

Our purpose is to infuse expertise and excellence into every facet of our clients’ clinical trial operations, processes, and outcomes. We are deeply committed to consistently delivering exceptional services and resources, with the aim of standing as your trusted industry ally. By fostering trust and instilling confidence, we enable clients to conduct successful clinical research trials with clarity and assurance.

Our team

Melody Keel

President, The Research Associate Group, Inc.

Melody Keel

Melody Keel, President

Melody Keel is passionate about operationalizing clinical trials and has been engaged in clinical operations for the past 20 years in various team and leadership roles. Trusted for her expertise in clinical study project management, optimizing enrollment trajectories and budget allocation, along with her big picture understanding of regulatory environments, Melody successfully navigates challenges to ensure programs progress smoothly through the clinical study life cycle. Her expertise lies in mentoring and managing teams, internal and external, to collaborate efficiently to successfully deliver milestones scoped to the clinical operations team.